PathCentral, Inc.

PathCentral is a technology and services company dedicated exclusively to the success of the community pathologist. We define success as increased revenue, improved efficiency, and a better competitive position for your practice. We are specifically focused on the community pathologist because s/he is an essential member of the team of physicians that provides critical healthcare services to patients in the local community, and we believe medicine is best practiced where the patient lives.

At the core of our product offering is a cost-effective, scalable web-based anatomic pathology laboratory information system (APLIS) that seamlessly integrates all of the critical components of a pathology practice's day-to-day operations, including accessioning, grossing, histology, transcription, test send-outs, second opinions/expert consultations, reporting, billing, and financial analysis into a single platform. The system features an “open web service layer”, making it possible to quickly and inexpensively interface with hospital EMRs, doctors offices, and a wide range of laboratory instrumentation. Developed and refined over 10 years, the system will reduce costs through improvements in operating efficiencies and enhance patient safety using a state-of-the-art specimen identification and tracking system.
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We’re more than just an LIS company, however. Our customers also enjoy direct access to a world-class esoteric AP laboratory, allowing results from send-out tests to be incorporated directly into the patient’s report without requiring “double entry”. We also provide marketing and sales support to help our customers grow their business, billing services with real-time financial analysis, direct online access to professional pathology consultants, and much more.



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