At Pathology Informatics 2012, LABVANTAGE will be showcasing its new C5 Pathology system. C5 Pathology is a complete, state of the art Laboratory InformationSystem specifically designed to support the workflow requirements of anatomical pathology laboratories and covers the specialties of histology, cytology, autopsies and clinical genetics. The solution automates the entire laboratory process and features everything from advanced workflow management capabilities to embedded tissue bank and audit trail functionality. C5 Pathology incorporates digital dictation and speech recognition adapted for Pathology and supports the emerging field of Digital Pathology to streamline workflows and totally digitize Pathology processes. When coupled with LABVANTAGE CONNECT, C5 Pathology seamlessly integrates with laboratory instruments and other information systems. C5 Pathology is part of LABVANTAGE C5 LIMS, a multi-disciplinary Laboratory Information Management System developed for healthcare laboratories.



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