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*Topic Selection of a single category serves as a guide to the Program committee in assigned reviewers and grouping abstracts but will not necessarily be the actual titles of scientific sessions.
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Please include first name, last name, academic degrees and affiliation for each additional author.
  • Do not use abbreviations unless they appear five or more times, in which case you must spell out the abbreviation the first time it appears.
  • Do not begin the abstract by repeating the title, and do not cite references.
  • A single table or figure may be used for results, but only if created in Word or Excel. And it must conform to the publication parameters below:
    • A table may have no more than five columns.
    • Text within a figure must be set at 12-point or larger.
    • List sources (name of company, city, state, and country) for all software and reagents. Use conventional units of measure.
    • Use generic drug names unless the specific trade name of a drug is directly relevant to the discussion.
    • We do not offer an opportunity to make changes to your abstract after submission
    • Text must be organized under (and contain) all of the following headings:
      • Content
      • Technology
      • Design
      • Results
      • Conclusions
Your Abstract or E-Poster: (Minimum of 300 words. May not exceed 350 words in its entirety. Max. 4000 characters per field. All fields must be completed, to be included in the review process.) Please upload an abstract file in the File Attachment area. The file must be of type .doc or .docx (Microsoft Word)
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